Meditation Cushion Tibetan


Meditation cushion Tibetan OHM brown. Meditation cushion Raja with intricate embroidery and Tibetan OHM symbol.



Meditation cushion Tibetan OHM brown

  • Size: 30 Ø x 14 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2 kg
  • Made from Biologic cotton, GOTS certification.

The inside and outside covers, from organic cotton features a zipper around. The meditation cushion is richly filled with buckwheat chaff, for a good, comfortable yoga sitting posture.

  • Heavy & sturdy cotton cover
  • Has a reinforced handle at the site
  • Buckwheat hulls stuffing
  • Made of Biologic cotton, GOTS certification
  • Brand: Yogitri The brand Yogitri consists of 12 standard colours which combine simple. The meditation cushions are beautifully combined with bolsters, zabutons (meditation mats), various meditation cushions, belts, straps and yogarugs
  • The Meditation Cushion exclusive Zabuton.


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